Welcome to DerbyStrength.com and Why This Site Exists

Derby Strength Final LogoI’ve been performing as a Strength Coach and Conditioning Consultant for Bangor Roller Derby for the past off-season and competitive season.  In this time I’ve enjoyed learning about Roller Derby as a sport and made a lot of friends in what has got to be the most fun, accepting, and cool sport community out there.

I’ve been honored that this community has accepted me in, from the sweaty hugs to the whiskey slaps to the random dance-offs, it’s been a wild and awesome ride. At the same time I’ve been blown away by the work ethic and balls my Derby girls show.  From all walks of life, there’s something special about a Derby athlete.

So, with all that being said, when I looked around the Derby landscape my jimmies got rustled a bit.  I saw a lot of hard-working, loyal athletes who really wanted to be successful.  I also saw these same athletes being frustrated and hamstrung by lack of quality strength and conditioning coaching and information.  That’s unacceptable to me.

Roller Derby is a physical sport.  If you’re not in shape to play then at best you’re going to fall short of your goals and at worst you’re going to get hurt.  We’ve had outstanding success with our Derby athletes here in Bangor and I want to bring that same success to you.

It’s time to take Roller Derby out of the amateurs and into the big leagues.  It’s time to get strong.  Derby Strong.