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How To Start Strength Training For Roller Derby

Ring Rows - Building Back Strength for Roller DerbyIn my last article I went over WHY strength training for Roller Derby is so important.  Now we’re going to get into some of the specifics on the HOW of strength training for Roller Derby.

I met with and started a new client yesterday.  Over the course of our initial consultation we talked about the usual stuff; His goals, past experiences, injury history, etc.  We also talked a lot about how we do things at Relentless, our philosophies, and our system.

Now, this guy is a martial artist, but what I want to talk about today (the System) will be similar for a derby athlete.

When I talk to Derby athletes about strength training I hear everything from “I’m in the gym all the time” to “I do Zumba!”, but most often I hear from athletes who know they probably should train, but either have no idea how to get started or seem to get injured/nowhere whenever they do.
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