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Derby Strength: Why Strength Matters for Roller Derby Athletes

Derbystrength Athlete Microphone Assassin 355 Deadlift

Derbystrength Athlete Microphone Assassin 355 Deadlift

In my involvement with Derby I’ve been able to meet, watch, and evaluate a lot of Derby athletes.  I’ve seen the rankest newbie who has never done anything athletic in her life fall down without anyone touching her.  I’ve also been privy to watching former collegiate athletes and 5-10 year Derby vets lace up and take their turns around the track, kicking ass and taking names.

It’s been a lot of fun to watch and learn about the sport, but as a training professional I can never really “shut off” my observations of the field of play.  Even when I’m just having fun at a bout with friends and cheering on my girls I’m constantly in “Coach Mode” picking apart positives and negatives while watching for any insights presented.  I also use my background in other sports and experiences to draw comparisons and look at things in possibly a different light than a “Derby-only” person would.

Through this study I’ve had a lot of insights into Derby play and preparation, hence the very basis of this website, but among them all there’s one very clear point that stands out:  The vast majority of derby athletes simply aren’t strong enough to play to their potential.

Honestly, this lack of strength is actually an issue with female athletes in general.  Whether it comes from a history of coaches who don’t care enough to teach them, societal pressures, or some inner concern about “getting too bulky” (although I’ve noticed that that seems to be less of a mental hurdle for the average Derby athlete), the bottom line is that most female athletes can totally change their athletic performance through smart, focused strength training.  I know because I’ve seen it happen in my girls.

How so?  Well, I’ve got for you are six key reasons why we prioritize strength development, particularly in the less-trained Derby athlete, at Relentless and why it’s made a huge difference in our athletes.
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